Respect for a player who played a Ranji match when his father passed away!


Story Of Virat Kohli – MUST READ

One night during December 2006, when Virat Kohli was with Delhi in Karnataka for his debut Ranji Season he got a call at 3 am to know that his father Prem Kohli has died afterbeing on the bed for a month due to a brain stroke.

At that moment Virat was the overnight batsman for Delhi. He was in two minds whether to play or not and called his coach who was in Australia. His coach advised him to play as such chances does not come everyday and it is difficult to make it to the team.

He went on to make 90 (on which he got a wrong decision) in that innings and saved the follow on for his team.

He went straight to his dad’s funeral after that innings and didnt take part in the rest of the match.

He was only 18 at that time and even the Karnataka players couldnt resist themselves from applauding him for his commitment and mental strength

His mom’s words on this incident- “Virat changed a bit after that day. Overnight he became a much more matured person. He took every match seriously. He hated being onthe bench. It’s as if his life hinged totally on cricket after that day. Now, he looked like he was chasing his father’s dream which was his own too.”

A Big SALUTE to Virat for his commitment towards the game when others are fixing the same!